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Be In Your Audience's Mind When It Matters The Most.

Board Click is here to make OOH advertising easy, intuitive, and performance-driven as online advertising. We offer an end to end solution for planning, executing, and measuring a wide range of inventories.


We are a programmatic DOOH solution provider dedicated to create a seamless buying experience. You can choose to advertise by audience or by location and we make it easy and transparent to compare prices.

Our vision is to make DOOH as targeted, data-driven, and efficient as digital advertising on social media!


Ad Optimization

Real Time Measurement

Online Offline Integration

Target audiences using OFFLINE customer behavior and segmentation data in one click.

Measure your advertising impact with STANDARDIZED and PERFORMANCE driven metrics such as CPM and CPC.

Retarget your audience after they saw your advertising to create LONGER LASTING impressions. 

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