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The Drum Awards Out of Home
50 Megumi

Campaign: "OOH" Let's Keep Our Hair Fit

50 Megumi Gym Campaign

"Highly Commended Global Award for the Most Effective Use of Data"

The Drum Awards Out Of Home, 2022


50 Megumi is a leading hair wellness brand that launched a new hair loss prevention shampoo. Based on research, the client was looking to reach image-conscious and fitness-driven middle-aged men as the target audience ("TA") who has a higher likelihood of facing hair loss problems. The challenge was the difficulty in reaching such target audiences online and in traditional offline media. 


The client came to Board Click and leverage the in-gym retail media network as an answer!

Board Click leveraged 1st party data to target gyms over-indexed on age and male ratio for high TA propensity targeting.


The client created a highly contextual relevant commercial that featured top Hong Kong celebrity Louis Cheung lifting weights and made reference that his hair is as strong as his body shape.

Board Click triggered Ads on screens in weight-lifting areas to match the commercial to the "real world." 

On-target DOOH amplification 

The first "Extended Reality" retail media campaign​

Over 6M+ impressions were delivered to 250,000+ "real" TAs in the highly engaging environment that matches TAs' in-moment behavior and mind frame. It created an extended reality "feeling" with TAs resulting a high brand recall rate.  

The Drum awards Out of Home

This campaign was selected by Drum of OOH as a Highly Commended Award for the Most Effective Use of Data in 2022. This was the first Hong Kong media vendor that won in this global media competition in 3 years.

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