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Gaming Delight: Nintendo and Oreo's Playful Collaboration Brings Mario to Life

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Get ready for a delightful treat as Nintendo and Oreo join forces in a playful campaign that transforms Mario into an Oreo cookie!

In this limited edition release, Oreo unveils cookies featuring the faces of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and all their beloved friends and foes. However, one question remains: Where is Princess Peach?

To embark on a mission to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, passionate Super Mario fans must take on a social media challenge. The challenge involves filming a video of themselves stacking as many hero Oreo cookies on top of Bowser, banishing him to the depths of the milk glass.

Leading this creative campaign is Vishnu Nair, Senior Brand Manager at OREO, who is also the mastermind behind this imaginative collaboration. Will he be the first to share his video? Stay tuned to find out!

To learn more about this campaign, check out our original linkedin post:

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