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When AI Meets DOOH: Coca-Cola's Facial Detection and McDonald's ChatGPT

The advertising industry is experiencing a wave of disruption driven by AI, and the realm of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is no exception.

Five years ago, The Coca-Cola Company blazed a trail by introducing facial detection technology paired with product sampling, spreading happiness by offering a free drink to those beaming with smiles. Now, McDonald's is taking it a step further by incorporating ChatGPT into their latest DOOH campaign. But what if we combine the two?

Imagine this: Facial detection AI scans the customer's demographics and engages ChatGPT to craft a personalized joke displayed on a DOOH screen. If the individual finds it amusing and laughs, they are rewarded with a complimentary drink. An interactive and laughter-inducing experience that could create a memorable connection with the brand.

We want to hear your thoughts! If this idea resonates with you, give us a thumbs up. With enough support, we'll transform it into a formal proposal and strive to make it a reality.

Join us in envisioning a future where AI, facial detection, and ChatGPT come together to deliver personalized entertainment and delightful surprises in DOOH advertising.

Mcdonald's campaign link:

Coca-cola campaign link:

To learn more about this campaign, check out our original linkedin post:

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