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JACQUEMUS Handbags on Wheels: Unveiling Illusion

🚗 JACQUEMUS handbags take to the streets of Paris in a stunning display!

To celebrate Paris Fashion Week, JACQUEMUS took a bold step and transformed their handbags into mobile works of art. These eye-catching creations gracefully traversed the bustling streets, capturing attention and turning heads.

But here's the twist: the viral video that mesmerized viewers is actually a brilliant CGI creation. This captivating campaign cleverly taps into the trend of Faux-Out-of-Home (FOOH) advertising, blurring the lines between online promotion and real-world experiences.

While designer Ian Padgham's creativity has earned admiration, concerns have been raised about the potential erosion of trust between advertisers and their audience. What do you think? 🤔 Join the conversation and share your perspective on this innovative illusion.

To learn more about this campaign, check out our original linkedin post:

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